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Travel Insurance


Useful Travel Tips and Ideas

Learn more about your destination using American Express Travel Insurance

Learn more about your destination.

  • Before you leave Canada, take time to learn more about your destination on things such as safety, climate, currency, transportation, and local customs among others. The more you can learn about where you’re going, the more enjoyable your trip is likely to be!
  • The government of Canada offers the Country Travel Report on many countries.
  • Learn the location of Canadian government offices in the country you plan to visit in case you are in need of assistance.


Find out if vaccinations are recommended using American Express Travel Insurance

Find out if vaccinations are recommended.

  • Consult your physician or visit a travel clinic to find out if vaccines are recommended for your destination. It is important that your vaccines are up to date to ensure you and your family are protected.


Pack smartly using ideas from American Express Travel Insurance

Pack only what you’ll need.

  • Travel easier by packing savvy and bringing just what you need.
  • Pack light – there’s no need to jam two weeks’ worth of gear for a weekend trip!
  • Save space – roll your clothes neatly or fold them together to maximize space in your luggage
  • Do not overpack your bag
  • Pack valuables and important documents with your carry-on luggage
  • Tag every bag with information so it can easily be returned to you.
  • Get to the airport early to account for any unexpected delays and avoid disappointment


Purchase travel insurance before you leave from American Express Travel Insurance

Purchase Travel Insurance before you leave.

  • When you travel outside of Canada, out-of-country health care can be costly, and your provincial health plan may not cover all your medical expenses abroad. While you can’t predict medical emergencies, you can prepare for them by purchasing adequate travel insurance before you leave. Your travel insurance plan can also provide coverage for trip cancellation, baggage loss & delay, and trip interruption. Speak to your insurance provider for full details of your plan
  • You may already have travel insurance coverage from your employer or your credit card. Take time to understand coverage details as they may be limited and top up any additional travel insurance as required.


Consider American Express Traveller Cheque for added security

Consider travellers cheques for added security.

While you should always carry some local currency, travellers cheques is a good option and a safe way to protect your money whenever you travel.


Protect your travel money: Travellers Cheques can be refunded if they’re lost or stolen, so you can get your money back quickly, 24/7.


Protect yourself against identity theft: If they’re lost or stolen, don’t worry, Travellers Cheques aren’t tied to your bank account and contain limited personal details.


Save money compared to other payment methods: Unlike using an ATM, there are no withdrawal fees. You can easily cash in your Cheques for local currency wherever you are.


Make budgeting easier: Spend a fixed amount by only using Travellers Cheques.


Choose the currency you need: Get them in Canadian Dollars, U.S. Dollars or Euros. (Japanese Yen and Australian Dollars are also available at select locations. Please call ahead to confirm availability.)


When traveling abroad, avoid fluctuating exchange rates: When you buy Travellers Cheques in other currencies, you lock into the rate when you buy.


Travellers Cheques are backed by American Express: For more than 100 years, our Travellers Cheques have helped travellers protect their money.


Buy from an authorized seller: Purchase Travellers Cheques securely from an authorized seller near you


For more information, you can visit,


Think and act local by getting ideas from American Express Travel Insurance

Think and act like a local.

  • Familiarize with the local customs. When you are in another country, you want to do all you can as a visitor to show respect for its laws and way of life. Pay particular attention to dress codes and dress appropriately. This way, you will be able to better interact with locals and also avoid any unwanted attention and risk as a foreign tourist.

Apply the same safety precautions and common sense while abroad as you would at home including:

  • Avoid any unknown areas and stick to well-lit streets
  • Never leave drinks unattended in public places
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers
  • Keep your cash in multiple locations
  • Keep your documents safe by storing them in different places
  • Carry an first-aid kit for treating minor injuries
  • Identify your luggage in a unique way you can recognize

When you are travelling, no matter where you are, a bit of planning and taking necessary precautions will go a long way in making sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest.


What else needs to travel with you?

  • In addition to your passport and other important travel documents, think about what else you might need to travel with during your trip such as your medication
  • Be sure any prescription drug you decide to take along is in the original container
  • Carry a emergency contact card in case of an unexpected event
  • It is a good idea to provide your emergency contacts with your itinerary and how to reach you while you are abroad.
  • If you are travelling by air, familiarize yourself with the latest carry-on restrictions and regulations to avoid any unexpected hassle at the airport. This can save considerable time at the check-in counter. The specific guidelines can be found on your airline’s website.

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